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"Casona Origen stands out as a tranquil respite. Seven rooms... are laid out around an expansive backyard".         Feb 2024








History      //      Nature      //     Character

Wonderful & Ancient property in Mérida Downtown (Centro), with full of details unique rooms, gardens with large trees and a couple of pools for cooling off and resting. The ideal place to disconnect from everything and reconnect with yourself.

Mychal, CA

LOVED this place. Like a little sanctuary in the city, loved the greenery and plant life, beautiful architecture, and beautiful room.

Room A

Spacious, with high ceilings, situated inside the old Casona. A trip to the typical houses of the last century. With double glass to let the light in but the noise out.
King size bed, large bathroom, closet, AA.

CASONA ORIGEN_Quinto Distrito-3.jpg

Room C

Full of light, with a dome to sleep watching the stars. Spatious, it is our favorite room. With a glass gate that makes it unique. Queen size bed. Located in the terrace area. Frigo, AA, closet

CASONA ORIGEN_Quinto Distrito-10.jpg

Rooms E y F

The perfect combination between classic and modern. Spacious, with an interior garden. Located in the second pool area. Queen size bed, refrigerator, large bathroom and closet.

CASA_Quinto Distrito-14.jpg

Room B

Intimate, perfect for those who want to disconnect since it has only 2 small windows above the door. Practical, located in the terrace area.

Queen size bed, fridge, AA.

CASONA ORIGEN_Quinto Distrito-9.jpg

Room D

Located right in front of the pool. With the perfect size, comfortable. With a stone wall that gives it a lot of character.

Queen size bed, wardrobe, AA.

CASONA ORIGEN_Quinto Distrito-12.jpg

Room G

Spacious, with views of the pool and garden. Isolated. In the bathroom there is a colorful interior garden. King size bed, closet, AA.

CASA_Quinto Distrito-15.jpg
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